/ Why Choose Us?

The CMV Group registered a Section 12J VCC, Perseus VC1 Ltd, to create viable investment opportunities to their clients that will also offer their real tax savings.

Why will it benefit you to invest in our Section 12J company?

  1. CMV has access to numerous qualifying companies, such as numerous existing clients with good businesses in need of funding and intervention.
  2. CMV is better positioned than most other 12j companies due its existing relationships with qualifying company – across multiple sectors and industries.
  3. CMV has the knowledge, networking and mentoring capabilities to increase the profit of these companies and make them more sustainable – yielding better returns for the business owners and investors.
  4. CMV offers diversifiable investments which means better risk distribution as many of the other Section 12J companies only invest in one sector.
  5. CMV offers R1 000 investment increments, making entry into the market highly accessible.
  6. CMV offers an affordable fee structure – financial management, compliance and administration is our forte, giving our clients complete peace of mind
  7. CMV offers a unique approach to Section 12J investments
    • We have a proven track record into asset management
    • We offer security in various asset forms
    • We are accountants – we can assist with administration, financial and tax planning
    • We have extensive management experience
    • We have proven investment experience
    • We have a comprehensive network platform
    • We are problem solvers
    • We have all the necessary governance, systems and processes in place to manage your investment optimally
    • We have advance insight in qualifying companies
    • We can secure the investment, and render an exceptional return

Perseus VC1 Ltd. is another innovative CMV Group venture – we have the ability and the infrastructure to make the difference. CMV – More than just accountants

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