/ What is Section 12J?

Section 12J, subject to the provisions of the Income Tax Act No. 58 of 1962 (the Act), came into effect on the 1st of July 2009. Through Section 12J, Treasury is incentivising South African taxpayers to invest in the local economy, via a tax deduction on their investment amount, provided the investment is made into an approved Section 12J Venture Capital Company (Section 12J VCC). Perseus VC1 is a registered Section 12J Venture Capital Company, working in association with the CMV Group.

Through Section 12J, investors are invited to invest in small and medium sized qualifying enterprises (based on South Africa) – whereby they receive a tax deduction on the monies invested in exchange for the issue of Venture Capital Company shares (or “VCC”). The benefit to the investor for making the investment in a Section 12J VCC is a return on the investor’s full investment and a tax deduction on the amount invested. Further benefits are that investors are investing in local business, creating jobs and ensuring sustainable investments. The Section 12J investment opportunity and tax deduction is available to all taxpayers, which includes individuals and all legal entities (companies, trusts, etc.)

There really is no catch! Our registered Section 12J company complies to all the regulatory requirements and offers our clients safe access to various investments opportunities.

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